A boys dream came true.

  ...When I was young I want to be a sailor. My parents had no objections for my choice. My father wants me to send to school first, to learn a proper job and he was right. And so I went to the school of mechanical engineers ‘Maarten Tromp’ in Den Briel. In ... Lees verder »

The poems

  ...How I get them I don't know, but the first two English poems have always stayed close to me. Possibly I have read them in a small newspaper we got aboard?                   The ... Lees verder »


  ...People ashore has no any idea what is happening aboard ships and you will hear the most strange remarks. You have to had your pokerface on. We always sailing on a boat, never working on it. “How did you get current aboard the ship” or “do you sailing in the ... Lees verder »


  ...I wonder how many more of these stories will return to my memory? It seems that one story leads to another. Many are strictly personal, or the subject is not to the point. But some are still nice for a willing ear. With all these stories, I have tried to ... Lees verder »