…Was it theft or an attempt to keep a memory alive.
Just before my decision was made to nail an anchor at the door and say goodbye to sail, something goes through you.

A simple shot glass with ‘BW’ on it.




Exactly 10 years I sailed at Wijsmuller.
On the long towing wire, but also the port authority and Libya were my working areas.






Sea sickness, joyful moments were relieved by moments of despair.
Nostalgia and working hours, under hellish weather conditions, are situations that people today are afraid of.
Enduring beautiful and perilous moments, tears of joy but also of grief for a colleague who crashed.
Discussions and strong stories with the staff while enjoying a drink, which sometimes caused us to come to the table too late.
Yet these were beautiful years, in which adventure prevailed.
I have seen a lot of the world and gained experiences that have shaped me as I am now.
That’s why I took it with me.

These reflections I sometimes have when I am in conversation with ‘Blankenheim en Nolet’.

All through a simple shot glass with the emblem of ‘BW’ on it.


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