…People ashore has no any idea what is happening aboard ships and you will hear the most strange remarks.
You have to had your pokerface on.
We always sailing on a boat, never working on it.
“How did you get current aboard the ship” or “do you sailing in the night too”?
Stupid questions get stupid answers.
“To get electricity on board we use long extension cords and we have to plug in at sea in plug-boxes” and “of course not, we had to sleep in the night too”.
And you see them nodding that they understand that.


We came often in the ‘Swordfish’.

With the sparks I sat in a pub.
He wore a leather belt with a buckle who looks like a Chinese sign.
One of the ladies asked him what it means?
He explained that it was a mark of honour, he got it in the Dutch – Chinese war.
The ladies never heard about that, we don’t either, but they believed us.

After that we had a nice evening with them.


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