…Sailing at sea was not always a pleasure.
Don’t get me wrong: it was one big adventure for me.

We had to work hard and long.
You just did that, otherwise you were reminded of it.
Fighting against the nuances of nature.
Sometimes you also took risks.
I have known many beautiful and fun moments.
But there are also moments when you are confronted with the other side of life.


It will always stay with me, the accident of the diver whose name I don’t even know.
In the evening he was still in my cabin on the ‘Hector’.
We were talking about life, dreams of the future.
It was to be his last journey, he had gotten courtship.
He wanted to focus on a new shared existence.
How can those words turn against you?

In the meantime, he was peanut-tipping, threw the peels over the ground and I started to grumble about this.
He would come and clean it up tomorrow.
I had to do it myself.
He crashed that day while diving, offshore.

As soon as possible the barge, the L-4, was dragged ashore.

Work barge L-4.


Only then do you realize that you have been worried about trivialities.

Then the sun shines in Libya in a completely different way.
We couldn’t say goodbye; he disappeared and left a void behind.

It keeps gnawing at me, that it remained an unknown person.

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