…Sometimes something happens in the port service.
For example, the bridge of the ‘Junior’ was damaged, possibly by a mooring line.

Together with a mate we took her to a shipyard somewhere in Amsterdam.
Which exit did we have to take?
We ended up between all kinds of houseboats and the depth of the water was not calculated for that of the ‘Junior’.
Difficult looking faces from behind curtains and of course lazy people who pointed out to us that we had taken a wrong turn and this was not a through ditch.
The blubber tumbled around us.


Once we arrived at the yard, the repair was started immediately and I was left behind as a guard.
I was taken care of.
For a warm meal I got stew for the whole week and had the choice between kale or sauerkraut.
After a few days I was fed up with that.
For bread I had to look for a bakery nearby!
Keep the receipts.

At the end of the week the repairs were done and all that remained to be tested was if everything was waterproof.
The fire hose was put on it and no drop came in.
After arrival of the mate we sailed back.
On the North Sea Canal we got a heavy shower over us with a lot of wind.
The water streams in!

We were back just before the warm meal.


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